Hi there, my name is Gemma and welcome to my travel blog, where I will share photos, various reflections and recommendations on places I have travelled to over the years.

At my current age of 23, I have been to over 10 countries (2 of which I have lived in) and plan to visit as many as I can. My ultimate dream destination is Antarctica – a lifelong love of penguins inspired this dream and the enigmatic nature of the frozen continent nourishes it.

One of my biggest passions in life is adventure – there’s nothing I’ll say no to travel-wise as I absolutely love exploring new places and revisiting old ones. Being able to immerse myself in different cultures and learn new things is such an incredible thing that I hope everyone gets to experience, if not for themselves then perhaps through my own recollections here.

If you love travelling or the idea of discovering new places, then follow along on my journeys through my blog posts or photography page, where I document and capture the beauty and uniqueness of every place I have visited. Start exploring now!

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Disclaimer: All photos used on my blog have been photographed by myself. If, for any reason, a photo is not mine I will link the artist or website where I found it. Please contact me directly via gem.in.wanderland@gmail.com if you wish to use any of my photos. Thank you 🙂