For theatre enthusiasts and irregular theatregoers, West End’s Wicked definitely defies gravity and expectations!

For those who know me, they know that I love a good theatre show! Though I’m not very knowledgeable with theatre, I do avidly enjoy watching musicals and it goes without saying that my favourites are Hairspray and, of course, Wicked. So, having just watched a very postponed production of Hairspray, literally the day before, it was with much excitement that I was surprised with a trip to London on my birthday to see the West End performance of Wicked!

I had only seen Wicked once before so I was really excited to see it again, especially such a reputable version. We started our drive down to London and upon arrival and parking, we walked to the Chelsea area to an Italian restaurant called La Pappardella. We had dinner there which was lovely, then we began our hour-long walk to the Apollo Victoria Theatre. We arrived a bit early so we did a few walks around the area before deciding it wouldn’t be too bad to be so early haha.

Upon deciding it would be an appropriate time to go inside, we noticed a green carpet and cameras. We didn’t think much of it, ultimately settling on the idea that it’s London so maybe this is typical, so we showed our tickets and went inside and to say I was speechless is an understatement! The theming in the lobby alone was amazing – everything was gloriously green. We got given vouchers for a free drink each, this was probably the tipping point to the realisation something big was happening. Trusty Google told us that it was the 15th anniversary celebration that very night! My excitement was astronomical; what were the chances of attending my first West End show to one of my favourite musicals on its West End anniversary?!

The theming inside was very attentive to detail

Naturally, I purchased a programme and basically just stood there in awe at the bustling environment and incredible décor for about half an hour before we went to our seats. Upon finding them, we also saw that we had goody bags full of merch and special commemorative items for the anniversary, including a poster, a souvenir pin, an anniversary programme and an Elphaba mask. It was a lot to take in – the stage, the loot and the special anniversary event! The view of the stage was pretty good, we sat in the dress circle and although far from the stage, it was a great view of the whole set, including the mighty dragon above stage.

Our view of the stage

I was still bubbling with excitement as the show started, I don’t think I’ve watched a show so intently. The performance was incredible; we had the honour of watching such a talented cast including Laura Pick, Sophie Evans, Alistair Brammer, Kim Ismay, Andy Hockley, Carina Gillespie, Nicholas McLean and Simeon Truby. Not to take away from previous performances but I dare say it was the best live theatre performance I’ve seen so far! The acting was infallible but the singing was phenomenal, all the voices were so powerful and Laura Pick’s rendition of undeniably the best song of the whole show ‘Defying Gravity’ left me with goosebumps during the entire intermission. The excitement didn’t end when the show did, as they did a special celebration for the anniversary, complete with green confetti, of course, and the appearance of the lyricist and composer of Wicked Stephen Schwartz – the applause was definitely rapturous.

The merch haul

Needless to say, the drive home was abuzz with excitement, it was definitely a night I won’t forget. I’m extremely grateful to have seen such a special performance on my birthday. I highly recommend a trip to London to see the West End production of Wicked, if musicals are your thing! Even if they aren’t, I do believe anyone would enjoy the show.

Thank you for reading about this special night. If you have any musical recommendations or otherwise, questions or comments then please feel free to leave them below!

Never stop wandering!

Header photo: Outside Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London, England
Date visited: September 2021

I am not affiliated with or have been paid to advertise Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre; I have written this review purely as a recommendation for people to see this wonderful show.

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