Become a part of the Sydney skyline itself by venturing up the city’s most notable landmark – the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

In 2016, I visited Sydney for the first (and currently only) time with my family. We only stayed for a few days but I was captivated by the city, so going on a climbing adventure to see the city from another point of view is an experience I am grateful for.

My parents and brother didn’t want to climb the Bridge with me and my now-boyfriend, so it was up to us when we wanted to do it. I don’t remember how many weeks in advance we booked it but we definitely pre-booked with some weeks to spare. There was a range of times we could pick from, including sunrise, morning, afternoon, sunset and night; we were tempted to do sunset but so that we could have the whole day to explore, we opted for a night climb.

We visited a museum nearby to the BridgeClimb site beforehand and then tried to stomach some food, I do remember really struggling to down my Subway (a shocking thing if you know me well) and not being able to keep myself calm. I’m not really scared of heights but it was a daunting experience – the highest point sees you standing 134m above sea level!

Eventually the time came and we made our way to the site, as soon as you walk in you see a walkway near the ceiling where the climbers walk over your head on their way to do the climb, this elevated my nerves. We signed in and said bye to my parents and brother and followed the guide to the place where we had to sit and sign our lives away – only kidding, it was just a health and safety waiver, understandably.

A very rough photo of us, visibly nervous, outside the BridgeClimb site before our climb

We got suited and booted, which included a jumpsuit, harness and headset so that you could hear the climb leader. We then put our belongings in secure lockers (including phones and cameras as you are not allowed to bring any loose items onto the climb) and patiently awaited our safety briefing. After we got our little talk, we were led to a room with practice climbing frames and ladders, we had to repeat the exercises until we were comfortable with doing the actions that would ultimately aide our climbing ability on the actual bridge. We walked along the walkway I noticed when we came into the main office and made our way to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

On the climb, you actually start below the road (the Bradfield Highway to be specific), where the cars and trains above were so loud but personally this helped me focus on my surroundings rather than my nerves. Eventually you get to some ladders, I think there were 3 or 4 sets of them to climb. I wasn’t as nervous at this point, though I do hate climbing ladders but, after the last set, it’s pretty smooth from there on. The rest of the climb is basically a slow ascent to the summit of the bridge, so you can really take in the views, the stars and the facts that your climb leader is telling you over the headsets. Once you get to the top of the bridge, you really get to soak in the city of Sydney at night (or whenever you decide to climb) and it is absolutely incredible. Once I was up there, I forgot about the wind and the height and I really did take in the world around me – it is an amazing feeling. They take a group photo at the top and then individual ones of you and whoever you climb with, you even got to record a little video (naturally we announced our allegiance to Tracy Beaker’s ‘Beaker Club’).

The climb back down is still just as cool, after all you are standing on one of the most famous bridges in the world in one of the biggest cities! The descent is the same process; a slow walk down the bridge, a few sets of ladders and then you’re back under the Bradfield Highway until you reach the base camp. After we got changed back into our clothes, we received a hat, certificate and print out of our group photo, we were then able to view our individual photos and purchase them for a separate price, which we did because why not – it came with a digital download link too which is good!

Though our sunburn is highlighted more here, a welcome change to the earlier roughness and nerves replaced by excitement and…I’m not sure what my boyfriend is feeling!

All in all, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge was an amazing experience that I would definitely highly recommend to anyone visiting Sydney, as long as they are not in ill-health or pregnant of course! I don’t remember how much we paid for the photos but the price to climb the actual Bridge was $238 (AUD) each, however prices may have changed since 2017 so I recommend checking out their website to see prices and climbing routes, as I’m sure there were a few others to do, at

As always, thank you for reading! If you have any feedback, questions or comments, please feel free to leave a message down below!

Never stop wandering!

Header photo: The Sydney Harbour Bridge in all its glory in Sydney, Australia
Date visited: January 2017

I am not affiliated with or have been paid to advertise BridgeClimb Sydney; I have written this review purely as a recommendation for people to visit this wonderful place.

Wondering where the Sydney Harbour Bridge is? Click ‘show more’ to see it on the map!

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure your boyf is feeling a strong sense of power after pledging allegiance to The Beaker Club at the top of the bridge, I can see it in his eyes.

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