The Luna Drive-In Winter Cinema is a timeless night out for Christmas and cinema lovers!

Last December, my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to the Luna Drive-In Winter Cinema at the NEC, Birmingham to watch one of my favourite holiday films – Love Actually! We’d both previously worked at Luna Cinema events as stewards but the drive-in was unfamiliar, so it was exciting to see a different aspect of the event – and as guests for once!

As avid movie fans and retro enthusiasts, a drive-in was definitely on our bucket list, though Luna definitely smashed our expectations of the experience; after we drove in through this dazzling tunnel of Christmassy fairy lights, we were given an in-car speaker which, as drive-in newbies, we didn’t know was a thing! Afraid we might somehow mess up the whole drive-in, we didn’t play around with it too much but did discover how to safely adjust the volume, which was definitely a bonus.

A jazzy drive-in sign before the twinkling tunnel

We were also given a leaflet with a QR code to use if we wanted to order food, of course we did and, after going through the options, we decided to share some loaded fries, a personal favourite of ours. Being the gannets that we are, we ate the fries before the film even started – a testament to how good they tasted, despite the small portion with the expensive price tag (£8!!!) However, we were prepared and brought a bag of snacks, drinks and, of course with the chilly British winter, a blanket.

We got there relatively early so we were only about 4 rows back from the screen but it is big enough that we could see perfectly fine, so I imagine bigger cars (which have no choice but to make up the back rows) and rows behind us were able to see clearly and, thanks to the in-car speaker, audio is no issue! Another perk of the speaker was that you were able to turn your engine on and off as required for heat without interrupting anyone’s viewing.

While we waited for the film to start, we got comfortable by reclining the seats, blasting the heat and changing into some fluffy socks that we also packed. The waiting wasn’t so bad; intermittently the screen would play some adverts but mostly Christmas music was playing, which we of course were jamming out to – not that my boyfriend would admit it!

Overall, the viewing experience was lovely; the screen had a good quality resolution and visibility and the ability to adjust the volume with the in-car speakers was perfect. The ticket cost £40, which I imagine was for one car rather than passengers, it also included booking fees and an obscene £1.50 charge for an e-ticket of all things; considering that you sit in your own car to watch a film it is very pricey but for a one-off evening, it’s a very enjoyable thing to do that will surely get you in the Christmas spirit. I highly recommend bringing your own drinks and snacks as the menu was quite expensive. At the time of writing, the Luna Drive-In Winter Cinema is off-season, however if you’re interested in going to a summer drive-in or the winter one, there is an option to subscribe to updates on via their website at – this will also help you find the nearest drive-in location for you!

Thank you for reading! If you’ve been to a drive-in cinema, please feel free to tell me all about it in the comment section below!

Never stop wandering!

Header photo: Our view of the screen
Date visited: December 2021

I am not affiliated with or have been paid to advertise the Luna Drive-In Winter Cinema; I have written this review purely as a recommendation for people to visit this wonderful place.

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