A look inside a once-dilapidated homestead; full of history, graffiti and magnificence!

Glengallan Homestead is a heritage house in Glengallan, Queensland, Australia. Built around the 1860s, the grand home saw a multitude of lifestyles and was eventually abandoned and left to ruin until around 2001. It is still undergoing restorations however the semi-derelict nature of the rooms add to an eerie vibe throughout the building.

Through the images, you can see the vast difference between the once-opulence of the building and the current disrepair that the volunteers are working hard to amend. Throughout the visit I felt an eerie vibe due to the abandoned feel of the majority of the rooms and the purported hauntings, which you can discover more about when you visit the Homestead. It was a very interesting building and I highly recommend it to anyone passing through the Darling Downs region in Queensland, Australia.

As always, thank you for reading and viewing my photos of Glengallan Homestead. Please feel free to leave comments, requests and suggestions!

Never stop wandering!

Header photo: The front view of Glengallan Homestead in Glengallan, Australia
Date visited: September 2017

I am not affiliated with or have been paid to advertise Glengallan Homestead; I have written this purely as a recommendation for people to visit this wonderful place.

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  1. The contrast of the ageing disrepair with there still being an essence of grandeur about the place is such an eerie feeling – like at any moment you could turn around (or scroll on) and find a ghost sitting in one of the chairs. Beautifully spooky. I especially love the view of the bedroom through the mirror.

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