Delve into Vienna’s history through the exciting and interactive tour at Time Travel Vienna!

I was fortunate enough to visit the beautiful city of Vienna in 2020 with my boyfriend and, with the abundance of activities and sightseeing to do, we decided to book tickets to Vienna’s very own time travel machine.

Situated in the heart of the city, Time Travel Vienna was easily accessible and not at all hard to find (you can’t miss the big sign out the front of the Museum.) The staff there were very friendly and accommodating straight away and answered any questions we had pleasantly. I even recall a moment where I didn’t have a 2¢ coin for the souvenir penny press machine so, as an avid pressed penny collector, I asked one of the staff if I could exchange a 5¢ piece for some smaller coins. When the staff member, Daniel if I remember correctly, learned what I needed it for he happily exchanged the money and even made sure to give me some extra shiny 2¢ coins, which was really kind.

The famed souvenir penny from Time Travel Vienna

We didn’t wait long for the tour to start, with each tour leaving a gap of 20 minutes in between, we were provided with headphones that translated the tour as our guide, Daniel funnily enough, spoke German. Despite the minor language barrier, Daniel was still mindful of us English speakers and made sure we were not left behind, confused or unguided, regularly checking in on us and asking if we had any questions.

The tour begins with a 5D cinema which makes you psychically feel as though you’re travelling through Vienna’s history. Starting from the Roman Empire, the ride takes you through the Plague, the construction period of one of Vienna’s landmarks – St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Turkish sieges, a traditional Viennese coffee house and ultimately ending with the modern day. Not wanting to spoil magic of the cinema, I can affirm that the ride is enjoyable and immersive for all ages.

The next room lays before you an intricate, regal stage, upon it there are 4 distinguished Austrian (wax) figures; Empress Elisabeth “Sisi” of Austria, Franz Josef, Maria Theresa and Emperor Maximilian. All members of the Habsburg family, the animatronic figures relay to the audience their family history with interwoven comedy that engages audience members of all ages, moving and talking as if you were really in the presence of royalty.

The tour then takes you to a room deemed ‘the Plague Pit,’ where, through wax models and careful reconstruction, you can first-hand witness the events of the Plague as it surged through Vienna in the 1670’s. After you escape the icy hands of the Black Death, you find yourself in front of another pair of animatronic wax figures, more colloquially known as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss II, two prominent classical music figures attributed to/from Austria.

After the witty rapport between the two composers, a curtain opens and you are introduced to a room with circular seats and VR headsets. Once the latter are equipped, you are transported to a grand ballroom, full of waltzing couples performing the once-scandalous Viennese Waltz to famous pieces by various classical composers. Following the serenity of waltzing and classical music, the tour’s next stop offers the experience to be in an original bomb shelter from World War II – this part is optional, of course, but definitely recommended. As a lover of history, this small glimpse into the terror and unknown that our older relatives went through was harrowing but extremely enlightening and worthwhile for those who have the chance.

To lighten the tour, the next room sees a replica of the Belvedere Palace balcony where Dr. Leopold Figl famously announced to the awaiting crowd: ‘Österreich ist frei!’ (Austria is free!) at the end of Austria’s occupation around WWII. The tour concludes with another captivating ride, this time on a carriage, or locally known as a Fiaker, through Vienna and around the Palaces, with complementary laser effects and even a firework show.

Ultimately, my time at Time Travel Vienna was entertaining and, to put it plainly, really cool. I would highly recommend this attraction to anyone hoping to visit Vienna. It is definitely worthwhile and a unique way to learn about Vienna’s history.

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Never stop wandering!

Header photo: My ticket from Time Travel Vienna
Date visited: January 2020

I am not affiliated with or have been paid to advertise Time Travel Vienna; I have written this review purely as a recommendation for people to visit this wonderful place.

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